New Guidelines Make Owning a Home Easier for Generation Y


After the housing market crash of 2008, the dream of owning a home seemed unattainable for the upcoming generation. Many recent college graduates and young professionals have disregarded the goal of owning a home and have become comfortable with being renters.  However, due to record low rates and low housing prices, most of the time monthly mortgage payments are cheaper than paying rent.  There has never been a better time to be a first time home buyer!  There are new government guidelines that make becoming a home owner possible for the younger generation:


·         0% to 3.5% down payment – which can be gifted.


·         Minimum credit score of 640.


·         Educational background can be used as work history.


·         Seller can cover closing costs.

All of these guidelines make purchasing a home much easier, especially for young adults.  The new guidelines paired with low pricing of real estate, makes this the ideal time to purchase your first home! For more information on FHA loans contact Ken Cesaro at (401)-641-0019 or (401)-490-7123 or at Kcesaro@primeres.com

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